Älvenheim is the home of the royal elves. While once a simple Kingdom, it has since become an enatic empire consisting of many royal elven vassal kingdoms.


The Empress is the highest position in Älvenheim. The empress is chosen from among the queens of the many cities of Älvenheim. Except for one exception, the empress has always been the Queen of Londercil. But in theory everyone of the queens could inherit the empire.

Queen Gyanna Estarme

Gyanne Estarme is the current Queen of Londercil and Empress. She is a powerful witch. She is a full believer of Royal Elven supremacy and keeps many slaves. During her coronation the earth cracked open and a monster of unspeakable horror appeared. Gyanne managed to single handedly defeat the abomination and seal it away. But since that day she has been plagued by paranoia and nightmares.

Queen Teranno Naldanor

Teranno Naldanor was the Queen of Frocil and previous Empress. She is noted as being the only Empress to have never been the Queen of Londercil. She was a general in the Royal Elven army and the person that finally subdued the frost elves. She was made the Queen of Frocil so she could consilidate the empire's hold on the newly conquered territory. When the empress before her died, there was no clear successor lined up. Teranno Naldanor was the only queen in the capital at the time and to prevent civil war, she was quickly proclaimed empress and coronated. She was also offered Queenship of Londercil, but refused and granted Queenship of Londercil to her daughter-in-law Gyanne. Before she died, she named Gyanne as her successor, believing her daughter-in-law more capable then her own daughters.


The queens are the leaders of the major cities of Älvenheim. Royal Elves believe themselves to be the nobility of elvenkind, as such they do not have a traditional sense of nobility, meaning that they do not have counts, dukes, mayors, barons etc. As such even the ruler of the smallest territory is called a Queen in her own right. Even the Empress, while first among the queens, is still considered to be one of the queens.

Queen Sen Naldanor

Sen Naldanor is the younger of the two daughters of Teranno. When it was announced that Gyanne would be inheriting the empire, Sen supported the decision and did her best to suck up to the new empress. As a thanks for her loyalty and service, Gyanne allowed Sen to inherit her mother's title of Queen of Frocil.

Queen Galea Hakatei

Galea Hakatei is the Queen of Barnocil. She is the mother of Erak and Gastoya. She is known to be scheming and as such has been confined to her island by an ever more paranoid Gyanne.

Imperial Consorts

Imperial Consorts are those males that are married to an empress. Many empresses had multiple husbands and these males were raised far above the other males.

Damion Naldanor

Damion Naldanor is the son of Teranno and husband of Gyanne. He was married to Gyanne before her coronation and as such is seen as the first of Gyanne's husbands. He is described as a naive and dense man, to clueless to ever consider being unfaithful. As such he is priced by Gyanne and perhaps even loved.

Erak Hakatei

Erak Hakatei is the son of Galea and brother of Gastoya. He was married to Gyanne in an attempt by Gyanne to keep Galea in check. Erak however truely does love Gyanne and wishes to be of use to her. He is an expert spearfighter and has been named Master of the Spear. After his sister Gastoya lead a slave revolt, he became furious. He asked permission from Gyanne to hunt down and punish his sister, which was granted.