Zilveric Conquests

Zilverrijk has conquered and absorbed many nations into itself. Zilver Eiland, as it was originally known, was conquered from an unknown flying sentient race by Queen Allara and her humans during The Troubles. It would continue to expand over the course of its history, becoming responsible for the erasure of many nations that stood in its way.

Pyro Eiland

Pyro Eiland is the original homeland of the pyros. The pyros expanded into Zilver Eiland, but this would prove a mistake as the pyros of Zilver Eiland would join the human invaders. A pyro governor petitioned Allara to reunite the pyros and absorb Pyro Eiland into Zilver Eiland. Allara agreed and invaded Pyro Eiland. The Pyro Prince did not put up a lot of resistance and quickly submitted as Allara had the support of his goddess Buren.

The Federation of the North

The Federation of the North, also simply called the Northern Lords or the Balbanian Lords, was a loose federation of lords that met once a year in the Balbanians. The Northern Lords were raiders and bandits and would attack the surrounding nations. Zilver Eiland would step up and attack the Northern Lords to defend the other states. Zilver Eiland would then absorb the Balbanian cities into its own government. First as vassals and later as full provinces. When the last Balbanian city of Liston fell, Zilver Eiland would change its name to Zilverrijk. Zilverrijk would lose almost all this land to Soffur during The Settling. The only three Balbanian cities still controlled by Zilverrijk are Crescentia, Noordhof and Zonland.


Lamour was a nation created by the legendary Marques Degarmo. Marques was born in a small village that is now known as the city of Saint Marques. He moved to the city of Chansa and became involved in its politics. Chansa went through a popular revolution in which a group called the État, lead by a trio of men named Jean Fontaine, Armin and the Marquis de La Bianche, would take control of the city. Marques Degarmo rose through the ranks of the Revolutionary army till he achieved the rank of general. When Jean Fontaine turned on the other revolutionaries and started executing all his rivals, La Bianche and Degarmo would flee to the city of La Bianche. When Fontaine executed the well loved Armin, all hell broke loose and La Bianche and Degarmo would soon be called upon to remove Fontaine from power. Fontaine attempted to commit suicide but failed. He was captured by Degarmo and executed. La Bianche would soon die of old age. With all three of its leaders gone, Chansa turned to Marques Degarmo. Marques crowned himself the First emperor of Lamour, renamed the city Lamour Chansa and absorbed the surrounding villages and cities into a proper empire. Centuries later, settlers from Aux-Lion would establish a new city called Port-au-Vin. The site they chose, while not inhabited, was technically claimed by Zilverrijk. The Zilveric king demanded that the Port-au-Vinians submit to his authority, but the settlers resisted. When Zilverrijk invaded, Lamour would support Port-au-Vin, but lose. Zilverrijk would take the culturally important city of La Bianche as compensation. Lamour could not abide this insult and tried to reclaim their lost territory in several wars, which ultimately lead to full annexation into Zilverrijk.

The Dukedom of Deepharbour

The Dukedom of Deepharbour was a small independant dukedom that was not incorperated through warfare, but through marriage. The Duke’s son Tom Frary would marry Marsha V Viets and in return, the Duke would swear fealty. Deepharbour still has special status.

Frysk, Grijsmonnike, Snoeker and Grinnog

The Free City of Frysk and the Kingdom of Grinnog were ancient enemies. Frysk being one of the oldest cities in the world held itself as far above Grinnog, even as the newer kingdom’s power on their island grew. Grinnog established several powerful cities like Grinnog, Junkerveen, Veen and Kanaalstat. The Kingdom of Grinnog made it clear that it wished to rule the entire island. The Free City of Frysk made alliances with the Theocracy of Grijsmonnike and the Snoeker Republic, but this was not enough as the Kingdom of Grinnog continued its march. In a last desperate effort, Mayor Andruys Yjkema of Frysk contacted the Queen of Zilverrijk to integrate into her Kingdom if she would protect them from Grinnog. The queen agreed and Zilverrijk defeated the Kingdom of Grinnog. The Queen dismantled the kingdom and would split it’s territory between the cities of Grinnog, Junkerveen, Veen and Kanaalstat. She would then make all of these cities subservient to Frysk. The city of Frysk still only answers directly to the king or queen of Zilverrijk, serves as a second capital and is the biggest city in the kingdom. The Theocracy of Grijsmonnike and the Snoeker Republic would later also willingly integrate into Zilverrijk when the threat of Mandaria rose. The First Priest of Erana, the former title of the ruler of the Theocracy of Grijsmonnike, is a title still handed to the main religious advisor of the monarch of Zilverrijk.


The Kingdom of Cryopolis was situated in what is today the IJsvlakte. It was the ancient homeland of the Cryomancers. The Kingdom of Cryopolis was the great rival of the Principality of Pyro Eiland. When Zilver Eiland annexed Pyro Eiland, it inherited this rivalry. Cryopolis resisted Zilverrijk for a long time as its three kings kept the queen’s armies at bay. The queen of zilverrijk had four children. Aside from her heir, she had two daughters named Marsha and Allara and a son named Hendrik. The cryomancers were lead by two kings and a queen, or simply called the three kings. These were named Annigjen, Robin and Kyeld. It was Robin who proposed the idea of a marriage pact and the queen of Zilverrijk agreed. Robin would marry Allara, Annigjen would marry Hendrik and Kyeld would marry Marsha. This finally achieved peace. Over the centuries, the cryomancers fully integrated into Zilverrijk and Cryopolis was dismantled.


The Anarchy of Schaduwen was the original homeland of the Enenra. They were not really a nation, as each enenra served only themselves. Enenra continued to live on the edges of Zilveric society even after the Kingdom had taken over their homeland. This was till an Enenra called Theo Thomas rose to prominence. The Enenra of House Thomas have been high-placed members of the Zilveric court ever since. They build a great tower called the Konijntoren which now rules over all that was once the Anarchy of Schaduwen.