The Tribunes are the members of the Plebeian Council. The council was a minor body in the empire that gave the common people vetoes in certain areas like agriculture, village establishment and army drafts. In recent years, under the rules of Canos Vignar and succecent emperors, the council has seen its power rise exponentially. Especially under the new emperor, Canos Telaminus, the council is at its highest power ever. This is all a tactic by the Canos line of emperors to combat the power of the senate as the Plebeian Council is mostly loyalist. Tribunes are selected by popular vote at the same time as the consuls, also serving only a year. Unlike with the senate and other positions, there is no ban on females becoming tribunes. There are also no term limits. This combined sees many aspiring politicians and ambitious women trying to conquer a spot on the council. There are always five tribunes.

Current tribunes

The Plebeian Council consists of some of the most important notables from the Latsian Empire. These are the current five tribunes.

The Orphan

Rita Rainirez, also simply known as the Orphan, is an orphan girl who fought as a gladiator in arenas all over the empire. She is one of the best gladiators in the empire and a former champion of the capital. Some fans of the gladiator games nominated the Orphan for tribune as a joke. Politics being what they are, her name, fame and fans lead to many uninformed voters putting their vote on her. This caused her to win the biggest amount of votes in the election for the tribunes, making her the current leader of the five tribunes. Since becoming tribune she has convinced Canos Telaminus to put in many extra laws to protect the gladiators and also convinced him to drop the tax on bread in the gladiatorial arenas that his father had created.

Geraldo Branca

Geraldo Branca is a common footsoldier of the sixth legion. He nominated himselffor tribune to get out of the army. Being a common soldier, many soldiers in the legions related to Geraldo and voted for him as he promised to put the needs of the common troops forward. With the legion’s support he became the second tribune. He is currently serving his second term.

James Seroo

James Seroo is a former knight from the vassal kingdom of Skyview. He is known for his very colorful outfits and outspoken personality. He is a long-serving tribune and got the third spot in the last election, starting his 12th term.

Marianne LaVey

Marianne LaVey is a member of the Fair Hope who is a multi-term tribune. She finished fourth in the last election and thus was able to start her fourth term as tribune after a year of absence from the council. She is loyal to Senator Philippe Bardas and is a big promoter of the plans of the loyalist senate faction among the Plebeian Council.

Lady Dialma Araya

Lady Dialma Araya bought her way into a fifth place in the last election. She is a very rich noblewoman from the Gracian Hook who has political ambitions. Because of her gender she is not allowed into the senate or to run for office in any place outside the Plebeian Council. Her biggest purpose as tribune seems to be to lift the ban on women in other positions.

Gaius Pax

The most successful tribune ever was Gaius Pax who served as tribune candidate from the age of 16 to his death at 68 and only lost three elections. In short he served 49 terms as tribune. In this time he managed to make several great reforms, even from the then relatively low power of the council, that still serve the empire well today. Among these are the restructuring of the legions, the tolerance of wild elves in the empire and the establishment of more religious freedoms.