Court of Goneril

The court of Goneril are the nobles surrounding the king of Thunder Island and Archduke of Goneril. While the heir for the archduke of Goneril is pretty clear, the kingship is contested.

King John

King John Goneril is the current king of Thunder Island and archduke of Goneril. He had first taken a matrilineal marriage with Macbeth Albeit, but once he became king, dissolved this marriage to take on the name Goneril. He offered to remarry Macbeth patrilineally, but she refused this. He has three bastard children, two of which where legitimized. He also has four legitimate children from the marriage with Macbeth. It is rumored that King John is a powerful necromancer and that his two legitimate bastards are actually undead. Pericles is the heir of the archduchy of Goneril. The heir for kingship of Thunder Island is still contested however. There are currently four candidates. Pericles claims that as heir of Goneril he should also inherit the kingship. Hamlet claims that as oldest son, he should inherit the kingship. Juliet claims that as oldest child, she should inherit the kingship. The archduke of Hermes meanwhile puts forth Tamora the bastard as a compromise candidate. John has still not decided who the heir for his kingship will be as he fears a civil war.

Pericles Pyro

Pericles Goneril, also known as Pericles Pyro, is King John’s legitimized bastard and heir to the archduchy of Goneril. Pericles claims his mother to be a Pyro from Zilverrijk and he has great pyromancy abilities. He is a candidate for the heirship of Thunder Island. Some people believe he is actually an undead revived by King John.

Sweet Viola

Viola Goneril, also known as Sweet Viola, is King John’s legitimized bastard. Her long black hair and red eyes are famous across the world as great signs of beauty. It is said that when Emperor Canos Telaminus of the Latsian Empire saw a painting of Sweet Viola, he declared her the most beautiful woman on Tegai. It is sometimes believed that Viola is an undead witch, brought back to life by King John to seduce and destroy his enemies.

Tamora the Bastard

Tamora Goneril is the bastard daughter of King John and the youngest of King John’s children. She has been put forth as a possible heir to the kingship by the archduke of Hermes. Because of her youth and relative political isolation, she would be a great compromise candidate. Tamora has a strange own power that allows her to summon various creatures. She has been known to summon demons, angels, beasts and lesser dragons. She also seems to have a limited control of these creatures. Tamora’s light blue hair is rare even amongst Thunder Islanders.