Criminal Organisations

Organized crime is sadly still a big problem in Tegai. The large open countries that are mostly occupied with each other leave a lot of room for opportunistic outlaws to set up their groups. Some become so successful that they become to big to deal with by normal law enforcement.


Giant’s Men

The largest bandit organisation in Zilverrijk lead by a woman named Pamela Doorn, also called the Giantess for her immense size. It is believed by some that she is descendant of the giants of old.

Wind Blades

The last bandit group in Anglos of note. They survived multiple attempts by the Anglosian King to destroy banditry altogether. They are lead by a bandit duo called Foote and Harris.

Criminal Empires

Fantasy Mafia

The largest criminal organization in the world. It is often underestimated thanks to it’s silly name, but the organisation can be found all over the world. Some claim the origin of the mafia is an ancient Cult in service of the goddess Ai.

Rebel Groups

Elven Resistance

A group of Royal Elves resisted the tyranny that their queen was enforcing on the Slave elves. They organized a great resistance with some of the more rebellious slave elves. They sought to overthrow the queen and install Gastoya Hakatei as new queen. They failed and were pushed back. Gastoya Hakatei had to flee Älvenheim and joined up with some Wild Elves in the human lands lead by Onara Da. The other surviving leaders of the resistance split up and went into hiding.