Weapons are one of the largest groups of famous objects as having something that can kill efficiently is often very sought after by the powers of Tegai.


Greatstorm is the legendary axe of the king of the Bantist gods Wodel. It was created by the smith goddess Esther and is a large black axe with a ruby eye inserted into it’s hilt. It is said to grand it’s wielder great wisdom.

The ten spears

While there are a lot of legends about great spears, ten of them have been uplifted into a status of fame that is unmatched by any other weapon. The ten spears all have different shapes, origins and powers, but are connected through the legend of the Spearman of Vignar. It is said that the Spearman of Vignar wielded all ten of these spears when Vignar was young and slew the ten giant lords that threatened the city, each giant lord falling by a different spear. After his death the ten spears were taken by the god Sahga and spread across the known world.


Vel is a javelin that is said to contain the soul of a forgotten goddess. The original wielder of the spear was said to be the goddess’ mortal son. She placed her soul into the spear to protect him during battle, but became trapped. Her soul gives the weapon direct access to khaospower allowing the wielder to do many great things.


Olyndicus was the spear of a southern king whose kingdom faced the Latsian Empire. The spear is entirely made out of silver and said to be given to the southern king by a sky god. The spear is able to wield the power of lightning and was used by the king to slay an entire legion. The king was finally defeated when a Latsian consul named Lucius Aurum Canos stabbed him with Longinus. This is presented as evidence that Lucius Aurum Canos or one of his descendants is the Spearman of Vignar.


Longinus is a long pyke that had once been used to stab a god. Which god was stabbed is debated, but one thing that is clear is that the blood of this god gave the spear the ability to burn demons, pierce the armor of dragons and even kill giants with a single stab.


Fuchai was the cursed bronze spear of Emperor Wu Yin I of Mandaria and his son Prince Wu Yang. They used this spear to conquer most of Ippo before Wu Yang died at sea and lost the spear. It was said to be fished up by a Latsian fisher who presented it to the emperor. The spear then got stolen and changed hands multiple times before being claimed by the Spearman of Vignar.

Gáe Bulg

The Gáe Bulg is one of two magical spears the Spearman of Vignar held that were claimed to be forged on Mount Myst. The Gáe Bulg had to be thrown with the foot. If one hit their target this way, the spear would turn their blood into thorny bushes that exploded out of said person. The Gáe Bulg is the only of the ten spears that is unaccounted for in modern times.

Gáe Lugh

The Gáe Lugh is one of two magical spears the Spearman of Vignar held that were claimed to be forged on Mount Myst. The Gáe Lugh was a spear that seems to be made of fire. The only way to keep it calm is to keep it sheathed into a corpse. Once taken out of the flesh it will seek to bury itself into a living person, meaning that once thrown it will always hit someone.


Was was made by Pharaoh Nianknarut of Guptha with the help of the gods. The spear can control the winds. The spear was lost to the pharaohs since one of them died while wielding it in the lands of Zilverrijk. It somehow made its way into the hands of the Spearman of Vignar. It is said to be the only spear that broke during the Spearman’s battles. When Sahga took the ten spears, he gave the broken pieces of Was back to the Pharaoh of Guphta. Though the tip was gone, it could still control the wind. The Pharaoh turned the shaft into a scepter decorated with the golden head of a jackal where once the deadly tip was.


Gungnir is a spear made by the smith goddess Esther that would never miss its target. It is said that anybody that swears upon Gungnir will find themselves unable to break this oath.


Amenonuhoko is a naginata. An Ipponese weapon-type that is described as a sword at the end of a spear by other humans. It is said to have once been the weapon of the Yokanist god Inago before it was stolen by Inaka and thrown into the world after he pissed her off one to many times. It can control the earth if used correctly.


Ascalon, also known as the Dragon Slayer Spear, is the heaviest of the ten spears. It was made to be wielded by two men so they could kill dragons. It was made by a priest from Allegoy and a blacksmith’s son named George to save an Allegoyan princess named Samantha from the dragon Beirut. The two used the spear to kill Beirut and George ended up marrying Samantha. Though the princess was never in line for the throne, their house is still prominent as George and Samantha’s grandson Jon is said to be the founder of house Jones of Applerdam.

The three axes of Soffur

The three axes of Soffur are three axes (once four) infused with the souls of the quadruplets born to Tsar Ivar II of Soffur. The four children were weak and could not survive the winter, thus the tsar decided to instead use their souls to make him four enchanted axes that could protect Soffur from any threat.


Orphanmaker was the first-born of the four quadruplets. Her axe is slender with a red blade. She is psychotic and bloodthirsty and will try to convince her wielder to kill. Orphanmaker has the power to kill with the most superficial of wounds. Any creature whose blood she draws dies.


Swordsbane was the second-born of the four quadruplets. His axe is black and with a woodcutter’s shape. Swordsbane is a feminine sounding male. He has a tendency to fall in love with his wielders and will lash out at their partners. Swordsbane has the power to destroy any weapon it touches.


Shadowstrike was the third-born of the four quadruplets and an identical twin to Fleshwound. His axe was oaken with a stone blade. It had the power to find anybody’s weak spot. Shadowstrike was an angry male that would argue with his wielders a lot. The wielders of Shadowstrike and Fleshwound lead a rebellion against Tsar Ivar VII of Soffur and came across the wielders of Swordsbane and Orphanmaker. The four battled and the wielders of Shadowstrike and Fleshwound were killed. During the battle, the wielder of Swordsbane used his axe’s power to destroy Shadowstrike. While Fleshwound was recovered and given a new wielder, Shadowstrike was lost forever.


Fleshwound was the last-born of the four quadruplets and an identical twin to Shadowstrike. He is a calm and quiet male and will not speak to his wielder unless spoken to. His axe is green-coloured wood with a large iron blade. Fleshwound has the power to cut through any armour.