Elementalians look a lot like hominids, especially humans. The big difference is in their core make-up. Elementalians are so closely related to their element, that they are basically made of it. Most species are concentrated in Zilverrijk. Their reproduction is very flexible and they can produce offspring with many other species. The result is always another Elementalian.


Pyros are fire elementalians. It is said that there is a constant fire raging through their body, which is why they need to consume a lot of food. Of course this also means they can eat just about anything. The pyros and cryomancers are archrivals.


Cryomancers are the ice elementalians. They are always cold to the touch, and seem to be unaffected by temperature. They can change their eye color seemingly on a whim. The cryomancers and pyros are archrivals.


The enenra are the rarest of the elementalians. They are the gas elementalians. They can make themselves look however they want. They are described as beings of pure gas and air held together by magic.


While most elementalian races originate from Zilverrijk, the sandhumans originate from the Great Oasis in Aricia. Sandhumans are described as sentient piles of sand and glass that are able to take human shape. They are exclusively female and can only reproduce with an other species. They have mixed into Arician royalty and most princesses are sandhumans. Before integrating into human society, the sandhumans were nomads. They often had to content with giant sandbeetles, and both species nearly went extinct in these battles.


Luxans are the most puzzling type of elementalians as they seem to be made of pure light. They originate from Frysk which makes some think they are the original builders of the city of light. Luxans are a common sight in Frysk and its surrounding cities, but very rare outside this area. Luxans that do leave this area seem to be plagued by mental instability. This leads some to conclude that something about Frysk gives birth to these beings and gives them their sentience.