Pirate Kings

The pirate king is the great judge of the pirates. In theory he is their leader, but in practice he is little more than a treasurer and judge. Though more an honorary title in the past, since the establishment of the Pirate Hub it has come with some real responsibilies.


Captain Eduard Tutor, also known as Stonebraids, is the current Pirate King. He is an old pirate originally coming from Anglos. He is known for his beard which is long, grey and braided. He made his name raiding the coasts of Mandaria till he lost his eye to a khanite archer. He miraculously survived, but was no longer fit to lead a ship. He was elected the new pirate king out of the respect for his achievements and has done a reasonably good job. His old ship was ironically named The Eyes.

Pirate Queen Tsu Zhiang

Tsu Zhiang was a Mandarian prostitute that managed to escape her situation by fleeing onto a pirate ship. She seduced the ship’s captain and became his closest advisor. When the men of the ship figured out Tsu Zhiang was way more competent than their leader, they threw him overboard and made Zhiang the captain. Tsu Zhiang soon became known as the Pirate Queen when she managed to set up a great pirate fleet to take advantage of the Mandarian-Brineinan war for Icepepper Isle. When she figured just harassing Mandarian fleets wasn’t good enough, she also started to harass the Brineinan fleet. This got so bad for both nations that they decided on a white peace just so they could focus on eliminating Tsu Zhiang. Tsu Zhiang fled to Zilverrijk where she remained in uncertainty at the seeming mercy of Queen Saba II Viets, to her surprise however the Zilveric queen did not seem interested in handing her over to the Mandarians. The queen instead brokered a peace. Tsu Zhiang had to give up the pirate life and disband her fleet, but Brineina and Mandaria could no longer arrest her. She also got to keep the stolen treasure. Tsu Zhiang continued to live in Zilverrijk and made one more great appearance in the histories when she was named Admiral of the Fleet during the Zilveric expedition to Älvenheim. She was the first Zilveric Admiral that brought back Slave Elves to the Human Kingdom.