Eranos is the name of an ancient cyclopian kingdom that lay on the coastline of what is now the north-most part of the Latsian empire. Several great ruins of this nation have been found and added a lot to the artistic influence in the Empire. Great ruined cities of marble and gold are all that remain of this Kingdom and little is known besides its name.


Aruma was the great cyclopian empire that seems to have spanned most of the continent of Nymphtol. It had a complicated political structure and its provinces would often war against each other. While most of its cities and ruins are still unexplored, modern scholars conclude that the empire’s relation to its provinces was more akin to that of the Brineinan Union than a real nation-state. The nymphic scholar Lazalik the Digger, not to be confused with Lazalik the Sailor, was the first to find an Aruman ruin. This ruin was called Acharos which contained a temple to the god Archon. This has strongly helped the cyclopian case that their religion of Gigantomachism is the oldest religion in Tegai.


Lentigoras is an ancient Cyclopian city-state in southern Aricia. It only came to prominence in the late stages of the Cyclopian rule and might have been at the center of the decline. Many archeologists travel to Lentigoras in an effort to be the one to find out what happened so long ago that caused the decline of monoculi, placodians and many other species.