Symbols of the Union

Symbols of the Union are a group of legendary heroes that were instrumental in the forming, preserving and expanding of the Brineinan Union. The Brineinan Union keeps an official gallery with paintings of the Symbols in West-Serpenta.

The Three Admirals

The Three Admirals are the founders of the Brineinan Union. When the Mandarian fleet attacked the nations of what is now Brineina to subjugate the islands, these three admirals brought their great fleets together. They defeated Admiral Zhou Ling-Po in the Battle of the Iceline where 5000 Normian Ships, 3500 Anglosian ships and 2800 Moonian ships defeated 8000 Mandarian ships and 2000 hired Privateer ships. After this major victory the other Brineinan nations added their fleets to this great navy and performed an invasion of Iskiut. When the war ended in a white peace, the nations that had banded together decided to form the Brineinan Union in order to protect themselves from future attacks.

Admiral Pascal “Pup” Kyou

Admiral Pascal Kyou was the lord of the now extinct Moonian noble house Kyou which was famous for their excellent naval commanders. Admiral Pascal quickly rose through the ranks after defeating several pirate fleets and became the highest ranked Naval commander of the Lands of the Moon at the young age of 28, making him the youngest Admiral in the history of the Lands of the Moon. For this reason he got the nickname Pup, after a baby shark. When the Mandarian fleet attacked, he joined forces with two other fleets and defeated Mandarians at the Iceline, south of Icepepper Isle. Admiral Pascal was never confirmed dead, as it is said he fell of his ship at age 50 and was taken into the halls of the Edammer Mermaids.

Admiral Nicholas “Redmane” Prince

Admiral Nicholas Prince is famous for two things, being the first lowborn admiral of the Anglosian fleet and his long red hair. Redmane, as he came to be known by his enemies, was such a fearsome naval commander that it was said that many pirates and raiders fled on the sight of long red hair. While these stories are obviously hyperbolic, their existence proves how effective Admiral Nicholas was. When the Mandarian fleet attacked, he joined forces with two other fleets and defeated the Mandarians at the Iceline, south of Icepepper Isle. It is uncertain whether Redmane already carried the name Prince in his time, or if this was added post mortem to show his connection to the founder of House Prince of Edger. A statue of Redmane was placed at the port of Edger that according to legend is supposed to be infused with Admiral Nicholas’ soul by the Swan Master to protect Edger from invasion.

Jarl Henriette “Blanket” Liv

Jarl Henriette was the Normian Raider with the biggest fleet ever. While most Jarls command an average of 20 ships, it was said that Jarl Henriette commanded enough ships to blanket the seas. This saying is also where her nickname comes from. In reality it is unclear how many ships Jarl Henriette actually commanded. Scholars have put forth estimates ranging from 200 to 2000. When the Mandarian fleet attacked, she was named Oberjarl of the Normain fleet, which is a temporary title that is equal to Admiral of the Fleet. She joined forces with two other fleets and defeated the Mandarians at the Iceline, south of Icepepper Isle. After the death of Jarl Henriette, her fleet split into five groups never to reunite. Some say that Jarl Henriette has been seen captaining a ghost ship called the Flying Normian.

Queen of Spades

The Queen of Spades is a legendary figure from Brineinan history. She was the first leader of the Brineinan union, leader of the Emerald Isle and a great healer. It is uncertain if she was the queen of the Emerald Isle before it became a republic or if it always was a republic and the queen part was just a title given by the other Brineinan nations. She set up the specific laws of the union and made the rule that the leading nation would switch after 3 years and that every nation got their turn to appoint the leader of the union. After her three years of leading the nation, she gave her title to the Troll King and disappeared. It is said that she climbed up Mount Myst and never returned. Some people believe from contextual clues that the Queen of Spades was an ancient elf. Thanks to the mystery surrounding her, her true name is unknown, though some scholars think it might have been Feli Lux. This is however disputed as the symbols used to spell Feli Lux can also be translated as Healing Lord, which is possibly an old title for a master of medicine.