There are other species outside the usual categories.

Truly Giant Bugs

Truly Giant Bugs is a collective term for bugs so large that they put many modern animals to shame. Some examples include dragonflies the size of dragons, millipedes of a 100 meter long, butterflies whose wings could shade a city, ants the size of horses, sea scorpions that rivaled whales and spiders larger than elephants. The truly giant bugs were thought to have died out during the same time as most Monoculi, Placodians and Supergiants disappeared. The modern era has however shown that one species has survived in the deserts of Aricia. They are the Giant sandbeetles.

Giant sandbeetles

Giant sandbeetles are big carnivorous scarabs the size of bears that live in the deserts of Aricia. The Giant Sandbeetles were nearly wiped out by the sandhumans, but have recently started to recover their population after sandhumans integrated into human society.


The Cyclopses are a great hulking race of a near-extinct type of vertebrate called monoculi that they might be the last survivors off. Some findings have indicated that other species of this type have existed in the past, e.g. One-eyed sea creatures, arboreal predators, sheep-like grazers and worm-like diggers. All these species have in common that their two eyes have fused into one great eye. Cyclopses are thought to be the oldest sentient race in Tegai as they can trace their history back further then anybody else. Evidence for cyclops nations has been found from the Coast of the Latsian empire to the mostly unmapped continent of Nymphtol. For some unexplained reason the cyclopses suffered a huge decline, only surviving on Labyra. This allowed the other sentient races to take control of the world. Cyclopses of the modern day are much smaller than their ancient counterparts, but still boast a considerable size with an average of 4 meters.


Lycans are not the same as werewolves. While werewolves are hominids with lycanthrophy, lycans are wolves that can take the form of humanoids. They are considered a sentient species, but only barely make this distinction as they are among the least intelligent of the sentient species. Lycans age quite quickly, taking just two years to reach maturity. Their natural life span is only 15 years. Most lycans live for many decades and sometimes even centuries though. This is because of a ritual. Nobody knows if this ritual is magic or an induced mutation or the blessing of a god. When young lycans become three year old, they are thrown out of the pack. They are charged to kill another sentient species and consume their heart and liver. If they then use the blood to draw a special symbol on themselves, they effectively slow their aging down to a crawl. Lycan teeth are one of the main weaknesses of vampires and using a vampire for your ritual is a great achievement for lycans. Some lycans continue to live in society after their ritual is over, but most return to their pack. Some Arician lords have taken to punishing their worst criminals like cannibals, serial killers, kinslayers and extreme torturers with execution by lycan ritual. This has helped forge a loose alliance between Aricia and the Lycan packs.

The Unknowns

The Unknowns are a mysterious race of beings that inhabited an island in the far north of Tegai. All that is known about them is from rare sightings through telescopes. It is said that they are pure white beings with a glass surface instead of a face. They are bulky and about 2 meters tall. They live in domed cities that they protect fiercely. Any ship, dragon or other sentient being that comes to close is destroyed immediately.