The royal elves of Älvenheim believe themselves the superior species. As such they enslave many other species. Some see this as giving these lesser species guidance, others see slaves as nothing more then tools or animals. The most common are the many slave elves which were taken from conquered elf species. With work, loyalty and a good master, even a slave may become famous.

Denna Elmii

Denna Elmii is a slave elf. She is the handmaiden of Gyanne and a clear decendant of the blue elves. The Blue elves were once a great elven subspecies and the first elven species to make contact with humanity. They were noted for their submissive nature and peaceful attitudes. Blue elves are starting to see a burst in population as demand for blue elven slave elves rises with many noble daughters wanting a slave that looks like the Empress handmaid. Denna is one of few people that the empress seems to consider completely trustworthy, as even in her paranoid purges the empress has never raised a hand towards Denna. Denna for her part seems utterly devoted to her work and even shares the empress' bed to relieve her nightmares.