The world of Tegai is a very old world and has thus known many eras. The further back you go, the more vague the timeline becomes. The oldest eras are shrouded in a lot of mystery.


Tegai had not always existed, and even with its age, there are eras that happened before.

The Dawn of Time

The Dawn of Time is the first era of everything and regarded as the creation of everything. There are many theories as to what happened at this time but next to nothing about it known for certain. This period is regarded as the birth of many of the oldest gods as well as the rule of an ancient species referred to as Ceratopians. Ancient Ceratopian tablets found deep in Tegai’s ground are the only evidence of these early eras that the modern era has.

The War for Everything

The War for Everything is the second era. The name for this era is disputed, as not everyone believes there really was a war. This is the time were the mortal worlds formed. People that do believe in the war, believe that ancient gods fought each other to shape their world as they wished it to be.

The Origin of Death

The Origin of Death is the first time that beings could die and the era that would see the Ceratopians disappear. It is unclear when this era took place and it might have overlapped with the second era.

The Birth of Worlds

This era takes place firmly after both the war for everything has concluded and death is a fact of life. Many worlds would rise and fall in this time as the universe was still young. This era would end with the creation of Tegai.

The Forgotten Centuries

The Forgotten Centuries is a mess of eras that nobody knows the real chronology off. The forgotton centuries are bathed in legend and myth.

The God Era

The God Era is a vague definition for the origin of many gods from all over Tegai. Many cultures and nations place the birth of their gods in the Forgotten Centuries and the God Era is the easy solution to this by combining all these origins in a single vague era.

The Growth of Bugs

The Growth of Bugs is the era in which the first animal life really spread over tegai. This is a long era which includes the appearence of the first vertebrates and the domination of the Truly Giant Bugs.

The Sauriania

The Sauriania is the rise of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were the first great vertebrates that could compete with the Truly Giant Bugs. It also sees the rise of the Placodians, the first monoculi and mammal-like reptiles and the first appearance of the Deep Ones. During this era fish would start their rule of the seas slowly outcompeting the other marine creatures.

The Great Dying

The Great Dying was the end of the Forgotten Centuries. Many early species of creatures just vanished from the world. The groups that suffered the most were the mammal-like reptiles and dinosaurs who were pushed back to what is now the Islands of Dragons. While many species disappeared, the Great Dying would also see the rise of many new creatures. Birds and Mammals would start their rise, Placodians diversified, and Monoculi and Reptiles would start their rule.

The Taming of the Land

The Taming of the Land would see much of the known world lose its early wildness as the first civilizations appeared.

The Early Sentience

The Early Sentience sees the arrival of the first sentient land species. Monoculi would be the first to develop sentience in the ancient Cyclopses. Mammals would evolve into sentient giants and ancient elves. Elementalians would appear from unknown sources. The Placodians would diversify and develop many sentient species, among which the Dessertans.

The Daybreak Empires

The Daybreak Empires would be the first time that true nations would appear in the world. The Ancient Elves would build several kingdoms all over the continent of Älvenheim. Cylcopses would create nations all over Tegai. The Placodian species would gather in large tribal federations that spread across much of Tegai’s inlands. The first mention of the Unknowns would be made. Many Elementalians would concentrate in modern Zilverrijk.

The Second Sentience

The Second Sentience would see the arrival of more sentient species around the world. Mermaids would start appearing in the oceans and establish underwater cities. Draconians would first appear in the Islands of Dragons. Goblins, Nymphs and Alves were first mentioned.

The Great Decline

The Great Decline saw the disappearance of many of the great nations of The Daybreak Empires. Only Labyra, the Dessertan federation, the underwater cities of the mermaids and a few ancient elven outposts survived. This left the field open for new sentient species to start rising up. The Cryomancers formed the Kingdom of Cryopolis in central modern Zilverrijk which would be an early great power in the next era. Kitsune and Lycans were first mentioned. An almost unknown species of flying sentients would spread across the islands of Brineina, Ippo, Mandaria and Zilverrijk. The Ancient cities of Londercil, Vignar and Frysk would start being constructed by unknown hands. At the end of this era, just before the arrival of humans, the Truly Giant Bugs would disappear almost completely.

The Start of Human History

After the Great Decline, the first humans started to appear on the scene. Though nothing like modern humans, being barely sentient and savage barbarians, this is where humans place their starting point.

The Rule of Dragons

The Rule of Dragons sees the rise and fall of the Draconians. After the decline of the great empires, draconians, especially Dragons and Longs, saw their chance. They made short work of the rising flying sentients that had spread across the Northern Islands, pushing them back to their last stronghold on Zilver Eiland. Dragons would conquer most of the north and west of the known world. In the east the Nymphs started to build their civilization on the forgotten continent of Nymphtol. In modern Aricia, the Dessertans would recover from the decline and be the only surviving Placodian sentients. They would even start to expand into modern Latsia. In the south a new sentient species would appear called the Amazones. They quickly spread out over the southern continent of Amazonia where they would establish many great cities and build the Gatekeepers of Exara as a show of their might. The era would end with an unexpected hit to the Draconian population, and most of them would retreat to the Islands of Dragons. It is also around this time that the Supergiants would start to disappear causing some scholars to believe there was a war between dragons and giants.

The Diversifying

During the Diversifying, giants would spread out across modern Allegoy and Latsia were they would establish a hundred kingdoms. Many humans would start serving these giants, among which many early Nativans and Mainlanders. Early Darkmen would leave the main land and spread out across the islands left vacant by the Dragons. Amazones would suffer internal conflict causing them to split into four tribes. The Ancient Elves still living in Älvenheim split into a thousand races and these races would start to create their own cities and nations. The Royal Elves would move into Londercil after its original builders disappeared mysteriously. Lycans would conquer Vamania, but would soon find themselves having to compete with a new sentient species called Vampires. Trolls appeared across Tegai.

The Ousting of the Giants

In the Ousting of the Giants, many giant kingdoms would disappear or be taken over by humans. Many of the Beastmen species that hadn’t appeared before would start appearing like Centaurs, False Angels, Harpies, Kappas and Aqrabuamelus. The seven races of mermaid would firmly establish themselves in the seas. Dragons would make a minor comeback and firmly conquer the Islands of Dragons. The first Fairies would be mentioned. Giant Turtles the size of islands would make their way through the oceans and start to die out as soon as they appeared. Yellow Dwarves burst onto the scene and would conquer many of the northern islands from the Darkmen. Mainlanders would move out from Latsia and Allegoy and spread into Zilverrijk, Soffur and Brineina. Pyros would spread out from their origins on Pyro Eiland and move into Zilver Eiland and Frysk.

The Troubles

The Troubles were a confusing period of history in which a lot happened, but of which the chronology isn’t entirely clear thanks to a lack of evidence surviving from this era. What we do know is that humans kingdoms would start to be firmly established in the west. A group of humans lead by the mythical Queen Allara would move into Zilver Eiland leading to the extinction of the flying sentients. Royal Elves would start their steady conquest of Älvenheim which would continue into the modern era. Many of the Nymph races would die out in this era leading to the rule of the Thunder Nymphs. The first human great power would arrive as the Gupthan Pharaohdom would expand across most of the main island of modern Aricia, spanning all the way to the Great Oasis. Near the end of the Troubles, the Latsian Republic would start expanding. This would conclude at the republic being turned into an empire, which marks the end of the Troubles and the start of the Current Period.

The Current Period

The Current Period is marked by the rise to dominance of Humanity and Royal Elves. It is also marked by the last gods leaving the known world, as Allara and her wives moved into the Grey Sky, The Golden Goddess of the Amazones left, The Imperate gods moved into the unmapped lands and many others to just fade into other existences.

The Era of Conquest

The Era of Conquest would see the expansion of many of the modern powers. This period would see the Latsian Empire and Allegoyan Kingdom expand across the north to establish themselves as great powers. The Yellow Dwarven kingdoms would be collected into two great powers, Mandaria and Ippo. Royal Elves would continue their conquest of Älvenheim. This lead the Wild Elves to move west. The tension between the Amazon tribes would come to a head in a series of wars that would see the Northern Tribe annihilated. The Orcs would appear and take root in Orc Country. The first Sjardan attacks would start to be recorded. The humans of Zilver Eiland would truly unite with the Pyros and start the conquest of the mainland and the islands surrounding them, leading to the establishment of Zilverrijk. Soffur’s first Tsar would take the throne at Last Fort. Trolltopia would be established.

The Settling

The Settling would take the various rising powers and lead them into a balance. The Era started when the Latsian Empire lost Old Vignar to Allegoy. After this the two nations would race each other south through the Nativan lands, conquering all states, cities and unmapped lands in their way in an effort to block the other when they hit a mountain range that they couldn’t expand over. The Latsian Empire would turn their attention to the conquest of several islands while Allegoy focussed on subduing the Nativans. The Royal elves would almost finish their conquest of Älvenheim. The Nymphs would be rediscovered by the Amazones and the two races would form a bond. Aricia would start pushing hard into Guptha pushing the ancient pharaohdom back into their heartland. The small island nations of the north, threatened by Mandaria, would come together and found the Brineinan Union. Humans would move onto the Floating Island of El-Quam. Soffur would unexpectedly win a war against Zilverrijk with the use of various magical items like the Axes of Soffur. This lead to the loss of some of Zilverrijk’s northernmost land. Zilverrijk would then lose a war against the Latsian Empire, leading to more loss of land. Zilverrijk became desperate to reestablish itself and attacked the Kingdom of Macher leading to a 134 year war. The end of this war would mark the start of the Modern Era.

The Modern Era

The Modern Era is the ongoing era. It would see a balance of power between the nations that lead to a stability. There were still some wars and territorial changes however. Allegoy would start its settlement of the Darkwoods. Some mages and macherians that did not like the new Zilveric rule would move out into the Islands of Dragons and establish Thunder Island. The rediscovery of Nymphtol would lead some of the human powers to send explorers east to establish outposts. Tall Elf Island would resist conquest by the Royal Elves. The Frost elves would not be that lucky and would be conquered. Şüräles were the last sentient species to appear in the world, appearing on Vamania. The Satyrs of Nymphtol are starting to gather in larger groups under the leadership of Panhellene. The last known hundred-tails joins the court of the Saruwatari Shogunate in Ippo. Pirates take hold of the Pirate Hub and entrench themselves. The AAA would establish and make a Human Beachhead in Amazonia, but would quickly lose support from the other human nations thanks to Western Amazon diplomacy.