Zilveric noble families are some of the most well known noble families in Tegai thanks to their great patronage of the arts. Many noble families in Zilverrijk have a legion of painters, bards, sculptors, writers and actors in their service to glorify themselves and their ancestors or to slander rival families. The Zilveric law of Free Arts ensures that poetry, paintings, books, sculptures, vases, stageplays, songs and storytellings are protected from any censorship by the authorities. Not even the priesthood or royal family can change this law as it was decreed by Allara herself because Aktavor so loved artists. This explenation has caused some scholars to think that this law is a leftover from when the flying sentients ruled zilver island.

House Thomas

House Thomas is one of the most powerful noble houses in Zilverrijk and one of the greatest supporters of Crown-Princess Saba. Some are afraid that the current leader of House Thomas seeks to rule the kingdom through Saba. The lords of House Thomas are not human, instead being enenra.

Lord Timmo Thomas

Lord Timmo Thomas is the Lord of Konijntoren and Captain of the Royal Guard. He is one of the closest advisors of King Will IV. Timmo is a shadowy figure and a powerful Enenra. He is the most important supporter of Crown-Princess Saba and perfectly positioned to put her on the throne. Many fear Timmo’s ambition and are afraid that he is attempting to rule through Saba once the old king dies. He is a patron of the magical arts as his family’s patron god is Mildor, god of Magic. The Konijntoren, his ancestral seat, is located on the largest silver mine in Tegai.

Dame Annigjen van Stillezee

Dame Annigjen, also known as Snowswords, is a female cryomancer and powerful knight. She has been adopted by Lord Timmo as his sister. It is unclear where Annigjen came from, but she is a skilled warrior and expert in the use of the special powers of Cryomancers. She serves as Crown-Princess Saba’s personal bodyguard and has personally stopped three kidnap attempts and an assassination attempt on the young princess. Political attempts to remove Dame Annigjen have occurred as some fear that Annigjen is a tool for Timmo to rule through the princess. Saba herself has prevented several of these maneuvers. Candidates that have been proposed as replacements for Dame Annigjen include Prince Tom the Hunter, Dame Olivia Frary and Sir Johan Donia.

Lord Theo Thomas

Theo Thomas is the founder of house Thomas and said to be the strongest enenra to have ever lived. He is credited with having saved King Lodewijk I Viets of certain death when Lodewijk was attacked by the dragon Enrag. Theo is also said to have been one of the wielders of Gungnir, but this has never been proven to be true. The only thing that is definitely true is that Theo has never been recorded as missing a spear throw.

House North

House North is an ancient noble house from the south of Zilverrijk that claims decendancy from the old King of Macher. They are known as the house of sieges as the lords of North have always been known as experts in siegecraft. Where other generals live for the grand battles, the Norths have always kept relevancy by focusing on something that the other generals do not wish to bother with. House North is currently one of the most important political allies of house Thomas. House North have formed a rivalry with House Munson and the current Lord-General of House North has been attempting to seize House Munson’s lands for his own sons.

Junker Hank North

Hank the Blind is the youngest son of the current Lord-General of House North of Kuchmacher. He was blinded in a mysterious explosion. Hank has a sharp mind and a natural gift for commerce. The blind noble has been proposed as a good matrilineal marriage match for Crown-Princess Saba. This match would make Hank Crown-Prince-Consort Hank Viets né North, and give him the highest position a blind person has ever reached in Zilverrijk. Hank is famous for having the largest quiff in the nation.

House Munson

House Munson is a young noble family that came to prominence around the same time as House Thomas, but where House Thomas maintained their position, House Munson fell from grace. They have been on a steady decline, mostly thanks to their constant rivalry with House North. House Munson has recently started to stabilize and been saved from total collapse through an alliance with Lord-Admiral William Frary of Deepharbour. They are the biggest open supporters of Prince Tom the Hunter for the throne of Zilverrijk.

Lady Nanette Munson

Lady Nanette the younger, also known as the White Trick, is the oldest daughter of Lordess Nanette Munson of Sachsmacher, the matriarch of House Munson. Nanette the younger is an albino woman that is known for her nature as a trickster and is considered the most wily woman in the capital. She serves as an assistant to Lord-Admiral William Frary and has been trying to betroth him. A marriage between Nanette and William could save House Munson, but it is a delicate matter, as it could also cause great conflict with House Thomas and Crown-Princess Saba. This is why House Munson openly backs Prince Tom the Hunter for the throne.

House Frary

House Frary is a large noble house from the Zilveric mainland. Especially the branch of Deepharbour is very powerful and connected. House Frary, though not openly admitting to it, are the most important supporters of Prince Tom the Hunter.

Lord-Admiral William Frary

Lord-Admiral William is the current head of house Frary and the Lord of Deepharbour. William serves as admiral of the Zilveric Fleet and is one of the youngest people to ever hold this position. William is one of the youngest lords in Zilverrijk, but also one of the most powerful. He plays the game of thrones well and is Lord Timmo Thomas’ greatest rival. He is said to be impossible to assassinate as he possesses an Own Power called the Red Shield which allows him to generate protective force fields.

Dame Olivia Frary

Dame Olivia Frary, also known as the Black Lioness, is a master warger and grandmaster of the Knightly Order of the Sixth Tower. She is the twin sister of Lord William Frary.