Exalted are those royal elves who have recieved extra honors from the Empress of Älvenheim. This can come in the form of status, titles or even vasts amounts of wealth. The current empress, Gyanne, is the first to have broken with tradition and not re-exalted all those exalted by her predecessor.

Sean Fergii

Sean Fergii, sometimes called the God Elf by his troops, is one of Gyanne's exalted. He is a prominent general in the army currently tasked with ending the rebellion of the Frozen Lord after he succesfully crushed Gastoya's slave revolt. He has a pair of large wings, and it is said that he is a demi-god of Sendra.

Marlando Kron

Marlando Kron is the court necromancer of Gyanne. After the horror of her coronation, Gyanne sought out the necromancer and brought him into her service. Marlando is known as a womanizer and is very popular among the Empress' maids. It is unclear what exactly he does for the empress, but many trying to remove him have found Gyanne unyielding in his importance.

Banistor Heidakat

Banistor Heidekat was an exalted of Teranno, and one of those that was not re-exalted by Gyanne. He the owner of a network of Fighting Pits in Londercil. Teranno always loved the dueling games, but Gyanne herself has a distaste for the sport. Banistor had his left ear removed after complaining to the empress about losing his exalted status, a punishment that he himself would often like to perform on his non-elven slaves.