Latsian Emperors have always been among the most powerful humans since the fall of the Latsian Republic. The Latsian Republic was a powerful city state in the early stages of humanity, and had chosen leaders. This changed when the Telaminus clan from the north marched on the city and installed themselves as sole rulers. There are still many offices from the republic left like the consuls, senate and plebeian council, but the Emperors are in charge. While the Emperor is technically not a hereditary title, in practice it is often passed down from father to son. There are three ways to become emperor. Be named emperor by the previous/current emperor; be crowned in a popular uprising or be hailed as emperor by the army.

Emperor Canos Telaminus

Marcus Aurelius Canos Zilverus Augustus Ceasar Alexander Elagabalus Telaminus Pertinax Draconus Geta Allegoyan Maximus is the current emperor of the Latsian Empire and took the abbreviated name of Canos Telaminus to link his name with the current line of Canos emperors as well as too emphasize the Telaminus clan who where the first emperors. He was named co-emperor by his father Marcus Canos Vignar Augustus Alexander Elagabalus Telaminus Geta Draco Pax Pertinax Eternus. His father chose the abbreviated name of Canos Elagabalus. Emperor Canos Elagabalus died suddenly in a kraken attack while sailing to the Gracian Hook. Emperor Canos Telaminus is still very young and barely of ruling age. This has lead to many shadow groups rising that would like to see the young emperor ousted.

Emperor Canos Vignar

Canos Imperator Vignar Dax Aurelius Elagabalus Juno Augustus Telaminus Nymphomas is the founder of the current imperial dynasty of the Latsian Empire. While many consider the Emperorship hereditary, it technically isn’t. Any man with a sufficient claim, large enough army and popular support can claim the emperorship. Canos Vignar is the latest example of this happening. He was the bodyguard of the last emperor who only had daughters. He grabbed power quickly before any of the emperor’s uncles could take the throne by marrying one of the old emperor's daughters and paying off the army. He was quick to round up the uncles and execute them after that. After taking power he would be the first emperor to seriously invest in the Latsian Navy. He also send many expeditions across the known world. His expeditions discovered a Northern sea route to the continent of Nymphtol where they established two Latsian Outposts.

Emperor Telaminus

Telaminus Imperator Dax Latsianos Julius Primus was the first emperor of the Latsian Empire. Born as the son of a General, he learned much from his father. He rose high and conquered many lands for the Latsian Republic. He took power from the senate in a popular uprising and established the current system. His life has been so mythologized that few of his actual deeds are known.

Emperor Marcus Draco

Canos Marcus Draco Augustus Julius Dax Aurelius Telaminus Juno Imperator is known as one of the best emperors the Latsian Empire ever had. Not only did he defeat a coalition of Zilverrijk, Aricia, Allegoy and the Western Amazones, he also ended a civil war that had been raging for two decades. He was known as an intellectual and created his own system for counting months that is still widely used today. He is also said to have come very close to solving the Phaistos Disc.