Aricia has a strong appreciation for its heroes and most of them are honored in song, play or a new technological marvel called Video.

Hiba Nour

Hiba Nour is the world’s leading expert on the Fantasy Mafia and its worst enemy. She is a dark-skinned woman with the resources to form a serious threat to the mafia. She has taken down several branches of the Fantasy Mafia and even lead a mercenary army in a battle against the Fantasy Mafia’s army. During this battle she captured Lucillia Afer. Afer managed to escape but she and Nour formed a bitter rivalry after this. Thanks to her Aricia is one of the few places in the world where the Fantasy Mafia has no significant presence.

Mkembe Kouagou

Mkembe Kouagou is an ancient Arician scholar. He was a zoologist that descirbed many of the species in Aricia and their origins. He had dedicated most of his life to finding the truth behind the origin of beastmen. During his travels he grew an appreciation for the way the sailors used the stars to navigate the seas at night. With the help of some sailors and a group of harpies who use a similair way of navigation, he made a full starmap of the Tegaian sky. This starmap and the constellations born from it are known as the Kouagou system that is still used by many of the central nations.