The thirteen wonders of Tegai

In the past there was a group of scholars that came together and made a list of thirteen wondrous places in Tegai. Each of these wonders is a source of pride for the nation that possesses it. The only nation that possesses more than one of these wonders is Allegoy. The thirteen wonders are listed below.

The great trees of Darkwoods

The Darkwoods on the western frontier of Allegoy have trees so tall, with branches so spread out and interconnected that the ground below is stuck in a permanent shade. These trees are said to have lived since the dawn of time.

The tunnels of Old Mine

Old Mine has an underground tunnel network that if stretched out can reach from Last Fort to Orc Country and back. The tunnels go deep into the earth and are greatly interconnected. It is said that whole villages have developed in the deep caverns consisting of miners, guards, thieves and other folk that got lost.

The floating island of El-Quam

Near the Arician coast there is a nation that is entirely located on a floating island. Nobody knows what exactly is keeping the island floating, but it makes for a great defense for the nation of El-Quam that would have otherwise been way too small to survive.

Cheng’s fortress

Cheng’s fortress is a giant work of stone filled to the brink with traps and monsters. Many an adventurer has tried going inside looking for treasure. And while some do come back with giant riches, many more vanish forever. The fortress is so important to Mandaria’s economy that the capital was built around it.

The great oasis of Aricia

In the center of the world’s harshest desert is an oasis so brilliant and beautiful that it has become a site of the gods for many Arician faiths. The Great Oasis is so coveted that the Aricians have had to fight many wars to keep it.

The ancient city Frysk

Frysk is one of the oldest surviving cities in Tegai. It’s citizens have nicknamed it the Origin of Light, because even in the darkest nights, the city shines like a beacon. The city has come under control of the kingdom of Zilverrijk.

The purple palace of Londercil

The purple palace is the residence of the queen of the royal elves. It is the largest palace in the world, spanning six mountains and a valley that takes a week to walk across. The palace is larger then the city of Londercil itself whose northern gate connects to the palace grounds. The logistics of supplying and defending the palace are such a large endeavor that the royal elves have created a special governor of the purple palace whose only job is to maintain the palace.

The gatekeepers of Exara

The gatekeepers are two statues of Amazonian warriors that are the size of mountains. They stand protectively over the city of Exara.

The paradoxical grasslands of Centaur Plains

Once you enter the plains surrounding the city of Centaur Plains you will find yourself traveling for years and never getting to the other side. Somehow, unless accompanied by a centaur, the only way to leave the fields is going back the direction you came from.

The great mountains

The great mountains are the tallest mountains in the world. They run down the middle of one of the Islands of Dragons. Seventeen of the world’s top twenty tallest known mountains are in this one mountain ridge.

The icepepper fields of Icepepper Isle

The one place that icepeppers grow are in the icepepper fields of Icepepper Isle. The flowers of the icepepper plants are some of the most beautiful in the world making these fields incredibly beautiful. Icepeppers are also a delicacy used to spice up many royal dishes, making them the most valuable spice in the known world.

Mount Myst of Emerald Isle

Mount Myst is a mountain in Emerald Isle that is permanently covered in a thick layer of mist. There is no place quite like it in the known world.

The sword-shaped rock of Swordfall

The Sword-shaped rock is the smallest of the wonders, being only a small rock in the shape of a sword that is located in the middle of Swordfall, the rock however gives off a lot of magical power, making people born in Swordfall some of the greatest mages in the world by birth alone. Swordfall also has the highest density of sorcerers per capita.