Senators are the members of the Latsian senate. Everyone who has ever served as a consul, governor or aedile is automatically given membership. The emperor can also name special senators who get assigned for their importance to the country. Examples are great merchants, generals of the army or especially skilled politicians. There is a third way to become a senator which involves another senator nominating you for a public vote, but this is rare as this path needs permission from both consuls.

Current senators

The senate is packed with important notables from the Latsian Empire. These are some of the current most important figures.

Señor Magicko

Juan Huey Vargas, also known as Señor Magicko is one of the greatest mages in the empire and was named a special senator by Emperor Canos Elagabalus. He currently leads the center faction who is neither opposing or loyalist to Emperor Canos Telaminus. This means they are often the key faction to sway to win votes.

Marco Iglesias

Marcus Iglesias, often referred to as Green Marco, is the owner of The Reserve. The Reserve is a major plot of land near the capital. He also owns a lot of other land close to the capital. This makes him an important senator, and one of the richest. He is not a member of any of the three factions as he is only interested in his own lands and the protection of nature.

Antonio Fonseca

Antonio Fonseca is a priest of Drassul and leads the cult of the Crimson Tide. He is a former Aedile who currently leads the opposing faction in the senate. The opposing faction are supporters of Consul Bobby and oppose many of Emperor Canos Telaminus’ decisions.

Handsome Phil

Philippe Bardas, also known as Handsome Phil, is the general of the Fair Hope. A special military unit outside the normal military. He is one of the few senators to get in by popular vote. He is the leader of the loyalist faction in the senate. It is said that Handsome Phil has an almost magical charisma that makes it near impossible to dislike him, some even call it his Own Power. It also causes many women (and men) to fall in love with him.