Lunar worship

Lunar Worship is the faith most often worshipped in the Lands of the Moon. It is a religion that is centered on worship of the moon and the stars. Lunar Worshippers see technology as a holy pursuit, and thus scientists and alchemists are treated as priests.


Coco is the only true god in Lunar Worship. It is unclear if Coco is the moon or simply the creator of the moon. Coco is described as a carefree and easy-going goddess that wishes to let the mortals run free. She is often depicted as a blue-haired young woman with an almost alien beauty. Some worshippers have started to believe that Coco is not Tegaian in origin but a creature from deep into the stars that arrived in Tegai to help mortalkind move forward. Her realm of origin is referred to as Yttrinac.


The Sowalai, also known as techno-angels, are the servants of the goddess Coco. They are believed to be stars that Coco took out of the sky and gave a mortal shape. They are depicted as young pale humanoids with technologically advanced eye gears. There are hundreds of Sowalai, but only a few have risen to national prominence.

Hyx the Observer

Hyx, short for Hyxsakssoc, is what is known as a sowalai. She is also known as the Observer and keeps a close eye on the believers of Coco. It is said that Hyx is the mother of the first mortal/sowalai hybrid named Klasasu.

Klasasu the Hybrid

Klasasu is believed to be a hybrid between a sowalai and a human. She is often worshipped as the protector of humanity for her strange parentage. While her existence is disputed by purists, many branches of Lunar Worship have happily accepted her into the pantheon.

Sak the Destroyer

Sak, short for Myxsak, is what is known as a sowalai. He is a force of pure destruction and rebelled against Coco. He was defeated and stripped off his status. He currently works in the shadows and attempts to corrupt mortalkind into destroying itself. He is mainly contained by the hybrid Klasasu who foils him everytime.

Ksox the Healer

Ksox, short for Ksoxuco, is what is known as a sowalai. She represents the pursuit of medicine and is the symbol of doctors in the Lands of the Moon. She is also the only techno-angel confirmed to be involved in alchemy by the holy texts, making her a patron of the Alchemist’s Guild. She is quite separate from the other sowalai in her portrayal. This might point to her being a later addition to the pantheon. Wild Elves in Brineina have been found to worship a medicine goddess named Kusco, which might be her origin. Others think it is the other way around and Kusco is taken from Ksoxuco.

Alxo the Bartender

Alxo, short for Alxoxokks, is what is known as a sowalai. He is a figure that represents drugs, alcohol and parties. While not often portrayed drunk, he is shown as being the enabler. He is credited as inventing several popular Brineinan drugs like acid, cocaine and hash. He is also credited with being the first to import the Zilveric XTC into the worldwide markets. Furthermore he is given credit for inventing rum, gin, white wine, mead, whiskey and several cocktails. Alxo is shown to take delight in watching drunk, stoned and tripping mortals in their hijinks.

Relli the Butler

Relli, short for Rellixsok, is what is known as a sowalai. He is the personal servant of Coco and is always ready to follow her orders. He is sometimes portrayed as the creator of the first kurona, but this is highly debated.


The kurona, or lesser angels, are the servants of the sowalai. They are short humanoid creatures with long prehensile tails. They are said to be created by Coco or the Sowalai out of the blackness of space and often are portrayed with dark skins. If worshipped, they are almost always worshipped along their respective sowalai master. Only two kurona have achieved cults of their own.


Gogoda is considered the first kurona. As such he has a special status as a direct servant of Coco, rather than servant of a techno-angel. Gogoda is one of only two kurona that is worshipped on his own, as he is a symbol for slaves and freedman that convert to the faith. While making new slaves is illegal in the Lands of the Moon, it is not illegal to import slaves from overseas. These slaves however have certain rights like protection from abuse and cruel punishment. There is also the law of Gogoda, which states that an imported slave must be freed after seven years of service. Also, any children born to slaves are the responsibility of the owner and must be taken care of even after a slave is freed.


Bibibi was a kurona of Myxsak who sided with Coco in Myxsak’s rebellion. She became a free kurona known to travel between sowalai as a stow-away and infiltrator. She has become a patron for thieves, beggars and the homeless. As such she is one of only two kurona with their own official cults. Recently it has also been folded into the canon that she has chosen to be the only kurona serving Klasasu.


MR-22, sometimes called Mira or the Great Machine, is a great humanoid blue machine with a giant drill. She was personally constructed by Hyx and Coco. She is worshipped as a god of Technology and is presented as one of the greatest creations in history by believers. She is also a personification of death for Lunar Worshippers as it is said that mortal souls are absorbed into her drill after death to be reincarnated into something new.