The nobles of the Lands of the Moon are those belonging to the great families. The leader of a great family is comparable to a lord in the rest of the Brineinan Union, though they do not explicity rule a lordship. Being a wealth-based society, they own real estate and companies and rule through influence, not birthright. The members of a great family automatically get a vote in the election, unlike commoners which need to earn voting rights.

The Hanzo family

The Hanzo family is a great family of Ipponese descent that settled in Bare moon. They run most of the prison system in the Lands of the Moon and own several technology companies.

Lordess Nayomi Hanzo

Nayomi Hanzo is the minister of justice and warden of the capital dungeons and great prison of Bare Moon. She is also the Lord of the Hanzo family. She has the appearance of a yellow dwarf inherited from her Ipponese descent. She is fiercely loyal to Diana. Her pitch black hair and freckled face are described as especially cute, but any prisoner of the capital dungeons knows to fear her.

Kane Hanzo

Kane is the spoiled little brother of Nayomi and one of the richest people in Brineina. He is known as a playboy and philanthropist. Like his sister, he has the appearance of a yellow dwarf. He often dresses sharply in the red and black of house Hanzo, but does not limit himself to these colors. He personally finances a large portion of Diana’s campaign.

Brenda Chan

Brenda Chan is a rich Mandarian noble woman who sought refuge in the Lands of the Moon and was adopted into the Hanzo family. She invested her wealth into real estate and owns a great portion of the land in Bare Moon.

The Cash family

The Cash family is one of the oldest great families of the Lands of the Moon. They are the founders of the city of Pink Moon and own most of the land in the city centre. They are also the owners of two major food companies and Tegai's biggest medicine company.

Lord Peter Cash

Lord Peter Cash, also known as Lord Flamingo, is the lord of the Cash family and the biggest supporter of Prince Marcurius. While often made fun off for his ridiculous pink outfits, it turns out he is a surprisingly cunning and skilled businessman. He has a group of mute servants that carry messages for him.

The Donk family

The Donk family is an infamous warrior family. They specialize in military matters and own many of the weapon factories and military shipyards in the Lands of the Moon. They own very little land, but do have a great estate in Sound Moon.

Lord Alexander Donk

Lord Alexander Donk, also known as Tone, is the Lord of the Donk family and leader of the Soundwaves military organisation. He is the biggest supporter of Prince Donnel and most likely has the prince thoroughly under his control. The Soundwaves, lead through his colonels Sax and Drums, is one of the most powerful private military organizations in the Lands of the Moon.

Lady Saxia

Lady Saxia Moon née Donk is the current Sax of the Soundwaves as well as the daughter of Alexander and wife of Prince Donnel. She is also the mother of Prince Elmond, but hasn’t seen her son in over ten years. She is known for her distinctive hairstyle which is long on one side and shaven bald on the other.

Ben Berken

Ben Berken serves as the current Drums of the Soundwaves. He is a giant of a man standing over 2 meters tall and weighing over 200 kg. He is a from a minor noble family called the Berken family. This family has been mostly absorbed into the Donk Family through a series of marriages and he is one of the few still carrying the Berken name.

The Dent family

The Dent family is an infamous noble family rumored to be sadists and cannibals. They mostly concerned with less then legal trades and always skirt at the edge of the law. They do own several law firms though and as such are very hard to get convicted.

Lord Daniel Dent

Lord Daniel “Danny” Dent is the biggest supporter and possible lover of Prince Benjamin. He is known as a criminal mastermind, cannibal and sociopath. He was once married to Princess Maria Moon, sister of King David III, but she disappeared under suspicious circumstances. He still has a daughter left from the marriage called Emma Dent, who he betrothed to Prince Benjamin.

The Brown family

The Brown family are the biggest producers of fabrics and own the land beneath most of the Lunar Worship Temples in the Lands of the Moon. The temples pay no rent for the land they stand on. As such the Brown family has a lot of religious importance, which is why King David III married Francesca Brown.

Lord Honey

Lord James Brown, also known as Lord Honey, is the lord of the Brown Family and the inventor of glasses that shade the eyes, which he calls sunglasses. He is unmarried and considered a bit of a playboy. He has one bastard daughter who he legitimized. Honey is the little brother of the previous Queen-consort, Francesca, and her biggest supporter. While a natural redhead, he dyes his hair black. He is known for wearing leather coats.

Dame Stripe

Jennifer Brown, also known as Dame Stripe, is the legitimized bastard daughter of Lord Honey. She is a skilled sword fighter and gunslinger. She has natural black hair which she decorates with a single white stripe running down the middle. She has been called the Skunk by political opponents. Stripe seems to be angling for a marriage with Kane Hanzo to increase her status. She owns several shoe stores.

The Dent family

The Dent family is an infamous noble family rumored to be sadists and cannibals. They mostly concerned with less then legal trades and always skirt at the edge of the law. They do own several law firms though and as such are very hard to get convicted.


Lordess Cinderella Hort is the lord of the Hort family. She is sometimes known as Syn. She is a dangerous and impulsive woman. When she was only twelve years old she lead a military campaign against the Donk family and won. She took Prince Elmond hostage and married him when the boy turned fourteen. The prince is completely loyal to her, as she practically raised him. Syn is a brilliant mathematician and is credited with several important recent discoveries in the field.